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Really cheap hearing aid

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Really cheap hearing aid

PostSun Jul 15, 2012 12:11 pm

If you have normal hearing you could skip this post. I have typical presbycusis with a steep drop at about 2khz. I have good BTE aids but they both died on me a week ago, so I am temporarily unable to hear well. If you have good hearing but are reading this anyway, you don't know what a drag it is not to hear upper harmonics from midrange tones, and to hear upper fundamentals at greatly reduced volume. I don't know when I'll get the aids back from being refurbished, so I decided to look into an equalizer to use until I do. I found the Behringer FBQ800 for about $65 on Amazon and got one. It works very well to counteract my high tone deafness, and is very compact. I have used it with headphones and with speakers. I think I will use it even after I get my aids back, since I sometimes don't have them in and want to sit down and play for a little while. BTW, you can use HW to make a poor man's audiogram. I used a 2ft. stop, so bottom C is about 250hz. I set the trim all the way down, then cranked up the interface volume until I could just hear that note. My hearing is pretty normal at that frequency. Then I just adjusted the trim up at subsequent C's to hearing threshold. This gave my a rough db curve up to about 8khz. This does assume pretty uniform spl from the rank, which may not be the case, but I will say that the curve I got matches my audiogram from a couple years ago quite well. Anyway, if you think you might be getting a little deaf but haven't had it checked, you could try this to test it.

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