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MONOPRICE 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor review

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MONOPRICE 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor review

Postby ArnoldOrgans » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:02 am

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After reading positive reviews online and on the forum I decided to give the Monoprice studio monitors a try. With the recent sale price being under $400 for 4 speakers delivered I figured if they were not acceptable for Hauptwerk speakers, they would be great for the shop or kids play room!

After a 24 hour beak in period I came to the following conclusion. The low end is a bit lacking and it is important to get the speakers in the right corner of the room for this problem to go away. They have more than enough volume for a standard house install. I did find when the volume is turned above 3/4 things get distorted and the woofer quickly becomes the weak point. I like the simple look of the enclosure. The overall sound is very bright. This is the biggest con and I feel comfortable saying this because I like my overall sound on the bright side. It seems like the tweeter is not properly pared and the only way I can see making this tolerable is by installing a resister. The speakers do have a HF level adjustment that goes to -2 db. My guess is this would have to go down to -10 to make things even. I also noticed that the woofer plays many of the highs and it gets a little "happy" on certain lows.

At the standard price I would use the Behringer B2031A as a comparable. The B2031A has more power, more adjustments and a much more even frequency response.

My overall thought is even at the great sale price I paid, I would not even consider these comparable to the same money spent on my current Yamaha speakers and amp in the shop. Spend a little more, buy the B2031A and be happy with your "affordable" sound. Plus many vendors will include a free 2 year warranty with the Behringer.

If anyone is interested in a good package deal on 4 Monoprice speakers feel free to email! Please keep in mind this is only the personal opinion of someone who has tried "many" other active and passive speaker options.
Matt Arnold
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Re: MONOPRICE 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor review

Postby mdyde » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:41 pm

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Re: MONOPRICE 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor review

Postby Romanos » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:27 am

Thanks for this review. I do appreciate it. I'm always keen to go from 5" monitors to 8's however my budget is limited so I had wondered about these.
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