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Apple AU Reverb

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Apple AU Reverb

Postby jharmon » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:30 am

For seven years I have struugled to find a reverb for my dry sets. I have been using a combination of Reaper, Liquisonics, and various impulse responses. None gave a satisfactory, clean sound to my ear. Iian (imcg110) has posted several excellent sounding theatre pieces. When I inquired as to his reverb, which really caught my ear, he replied he simply used the Apple AU Reverb resident on the operating system. I had never tried it thinking it would be inadequate to my needs. Trying it for the first time I am most happy with the sound. It takes some tinkering with the slides, but for any dry or nearly dry sample set I find it is very good. For those with Apple OS - try the system.
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