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Floor Standing Large speakers with Studio Monitors?

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Floor Standing Large speakers with Studio Monitors?

Postby B777Captain » Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:06 am


If you were to pair 2 large floor standing type speakers and then say 4 studio monitor speakers for your HW setup, how would you place them?

For example... Let's say you have your organ hardware in a rectangular living room with a high ceiling. Would you be inclined to put the large floor standing speakers next to the console and the studio monitors at the rear of the room, or...

Studio Monitors at each side of the console and large floor standing speakers in the rear of the room opposite the console


If you had some space up high to place all the speakers near the ceiling both front and rear, how would this option come into play for your positioning of the speakers mentioned?

Thanks for your opinions and input.

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Re: Floor Standing Large speakers with Studio Monitors?

Postby 1961TC4ME » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:09 am

Hello Pat,

You've perhaps read a number of my posts in the past concerning speaker positioning and the outcomes. Trust me when I say this, I've tried a bunch of different layouts! :lol:

The best answer I can give you for now based on the limited info I know about your set-up is it depends on how many audio channels you have, they type of sets you have (surround, wet, dry, etc.), how you are routing the audio and so on. I would say for starters, I would not place the large speakers to the rear, use them up front.

As I've reported in the past I've had very successful / the best results using a larger pair of speakers up front combined with smaller bookshelf / monitor sized speakers in a stacked arrangement on each side of the console with the stacks up considerably off the floor, in fact my top speakers are around 7' off the floor to give you an idea. I also have a total of 10 audio channels I'm using to divvy up in a very specific way which ranks I send to which speakers. We dubbed it some time back 'like sounding' pipe routing, or something to that effect. :mrgreen: I can dig up the post when I did all this and put it here if you're interested.

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Re: Floor Standing Large speakers with Studio Monitors?

Postby PhantomoftheOrgan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:52 pm

I agree with Marc's comments and add something you can try with the speakers you have mentioned even if you only have one stereo pair coming out of Hauptwerk. I have guests who play and several people listening at times. I have a stereo pair of large full range speakers on the floor, a speaker on either side of the console. These are aimed forward into the room. My amp has a "line level through" which I feed to a pair of monitors that are aimed inward to give a good stereo image to the organist. The monitors in turn have "line level throughs" that go to a Lexicon 400 that sends reverb to a power amp. The output of this amp goes to speakers high on the back wall that provide the reverberations.
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Re: Floor Standing Large speakers with Studio Monitors?

Postby magnaton » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:25 pm

Hello Pat:

You may want to Google some pictures of studio monitors being used for actual studio work. The instructions that came with mine suggest a certain distance apart left and right with your head at the apex and the tweeter at ear level.

The take away I have for this is angle and height. I too have a pair of large 3-way speakers that sound great for organ music plus 8 studio monitors. The monitors are on sturdy wall shelves on either side of the console. They are in a horizontal layout (4 on each side of the console) with the 8" driver of the monitor almost at ear level. They are all toed in to angle towards the console. The large 3-way speakers are in the corner and they just fit under the monitor shelves. I purchased 4 milk crates (two on each side) to see if raising them off the floor would make a difference, and it did! The tweeter on these are now almost at (my) ear level.

Having these large 3-way speakers makes some of the pipe rank routing easy, all pedal voices are summarily sent there. I divvy the other ranks somewhat according to Marc's "like pipe sounding ranks" formula but still experiment from time to time. A couple rules I always follow (as others do) is to keep a celeste rank and its unison counterpart in separate channels so the undulation occurs in the air. Reeds that may get combined in a large ensemble also go to separate channels when possible. Other routing tweaks occur as more literature is played as new registration may reveal something that needs tweaked. Since studio monitors do such a great job of reproducing the all nuisances of pipe ranks you occasionally have to voice one or two that seems a little over bearing. It depends on the rank and circumstance but I'll save voicing time and just route that rank to the 3-way speakers. The sound changes a bit and looses some accuracy but can still be heard and identified as to what it is.

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