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Good Sound Throughout the Room

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Re: Good Sound Throughout the Room

Postby magnaton » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:21 pm

PhantomoftheOrgan wrote:I have looked at the speaker layouts of some high end custom digital organs shown on the web during their installation and in most cases they look like a wall of speakers instead of stereo imaging pairs.

Are you referring to this post?

PhantomoftheOrgan wrote:For example, if a person had 24 channels available and could spread the speakers in from of the room and cycle notes and ranks through them. Or you could locate some where Great, Swell, Choir, etc. would be from the perspective of the microphone location and that way create the sound field.

You may want to search the forum on multi channel routing. The consensus is, especially in a home environment, stereo samples sound best played back in stereo. However the beauty of HW is you can certainly experiment. In fact given the other Alt Configs available, you can load the same organ in different ways then switch between the configs to compare. My advise is when you have this setup, spend sometime on one config, maybe a week or so, then switch to the other. You ears can quickly get accustomed to a certain sound so a change to the next config becomes that more obvious.

Danny B.
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Re: Good Sound Throughout the Room

Postby PhantomoftheOrgan » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:09 am

Thanks Martin for helping me understand the way Hauptwerk loads samples into memory in mono. This is a wonderful feature I am eager to use and experiment with cycling notes and ranks through multiple audio channels.

Thanks to everyone for providing useful information and suggestions.
In the short term, I have set up my system as Thomas suggested and moved the console to the center of the room. This way there is a large "sweet spot" in the room that includes the console location. My wife allowed this because the room is a dedicated music room. I'm using the large speakers against the front wall full range when I have guests come and play. When only I am playing, I use the digital crossover feature on the large speaker amp to send only frequencies below 80 Hz to the large speakers. For one person playing/listening, the higher frequencies go to a pair of studio monitors on stands arranged so that the organist can listen in the near field.
I'm getting a pair of dipole mid/tweeters as Jan suggested to use for listening when only one person is playing/listening. I have a pair of bi-amp-able book shelf speakers that I can use the woofers in the near field and my existing large speakers for the sub-bass frequencies.

In the long term, I want to experiment with cycling mono samples of notes and ranks through several speakers. The way HW handles mono is brilliant. I believe many dry stereo sample sets that are available can be used to load a mono reduction and sound good in my space if cycled through several channels. In this way I can bring the organ virtually to my room and it should sound convincing with no reverberation. There is little reverb in the residential pipe organs I have listened to. I can use my Lexicon if I want to add reverb.
I will start with inexpensive speakers and then maybe move up to omni-directional speakers if funds are available.
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Re: Good Sound Throughout the Room

Postby PhantomoftheOrgan » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:41 am

Hi everyone,

I notices that Def Tech SM 45 and SM 55 are on sale for $75 and $125 off retail respectively. Has anyone used these bookshelf style speakers? How do they compare to studio monitors? I also see some Def Tech towers on eBay at reasonable prices. Does anyone out there use these and would share their experience?
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