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Klipsch Speakers for HW?

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Klipsch Speakers for HW?

Postby B777Captain » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:03 pm

I'm looking for any experience about using the Klipsch speakers for the HW organ. My initial plan will be 6 monitors and a subwoofer.

Does anyone use this brand or perhaps heard them with a HW style setup?


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Re: Klipsch Speakers for HW?

Postby jkinkennon » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:51 pm

I am using Klipsch rear speakers at the moment. Also a center speaker that I occasionally use -- these will go back to being home theater speakers if I ever relocate the organ console and move the TV from the fireplace (not in the fireplace) to where the organ is now.

So I get along fine with the Klipsch but have no experience with the tower models. I used to have a vintage pair of Klipsch (12" w/12"passive) that were a bit forward sounding but wonderful. I've seen less than glowing reports on this forum though so I guess I'd go with studio monitors UNLESS I were looking for something to do double duty for home theater.

When I was running a single pair of speakers I used the vintage Klipsch pair and sometimes a pair of 15" PA speakers with horns that frankly sounded as good but didn't fit any reasonable space if I wanted six or eight of them. I would occasionally switch between the PA speakers and a small set of Polk's (with sub) to see if friends could tell which was playing.

With the current Behringer 3031As I don't need external amps and can tweak a range of sounds with all the controls. I currently run them at -2db on the treble response and flat otherwise. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Klipsch Speakers for HW?

Postby magnaton » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:40 am

You didn't specify a model? Back in the day, Rodgers used Klipsch's LaScala model for their organs in addition to their own M-(x) 6 X 9 arrays. The LaScalas were impressive as they could pack a punch. These turn up on eBay or a organ classified site when an Rodgers gets traded in.

Past posts on this forum recommend active studio monitors for the most realistic sound reproduction. Query for specific brands and models. I 'traveled' from stereo speakers, traditional PA speakers, active PA speakers, 3-way tower speakers, and finally studio monitors which in my opinion trumps all my previous configurations. The realism was that astonishing.

However, for traditional setup with stereo amps and passive speakers, some seem to work quite well. Specific models of: Definitive Technology, Polk Audio, & Cerwin-Vega. Also a few custom or boutique builds have been mentioned here too.

If there aren't any further responses here regarding Klipsch, maybe you should audition a pair. Here is a past thread where a forum member auditioned some Martin Logan speakers.

Sorry to have gotten off topic, leaning towards a basic upgrade in sound vs opinions on Klipsch speakers.

Danny B.
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Re: Klipsch Speakers for HW?

Postby dw154515 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:44 pm

As with all-things speaker-related, this is a very subjective question and here's my equally subjective response....

I LOVE Klipsch speakers for home theater use and I install them all the time for my A/V business but unless you're putting them in a large space, I am not a fan of them for Hauptwerk, PERSONALLY. That being said, there are MANY lines of Klipsch speakers out there - Reference, Heritage, Gallery, Palladium, etc. All at different price points and capabilities. I used to sell a TON of their reference speakers (especially the old RF82's, RF62's and RF7's) and some of the Heritage stuff (and had a Palladium setup in the showroom) and I never cared for any of them with organ music because of the nature of the horn - the Klipsch crown jewel. While it certainly makes for an EXTREMELY efficient speaker, I personally think it comes at the cost of a bit of authenticity. As Danny B. said, they ARE indeed very "forward" sounding; very "in your face." That horn is just like a cheerleaders megaphone. And that may well be to your liking and there's nothing wrong with that. As a result, I think Klipsh, hands down, makes the BEST home theater speakers on the market because of their extremely good dynamic range and efficiency. They can knock you over with minimal power. However, for MUSIC other than rock and country, I am not a fan. I much prefer the aesthetics of Definitive Technology, GoldenEar, upper-end Polks, etc..... (all three brands, by the way, were at one point, designed by the same guy - Sandy Gross - so they all have a similar aesthetic.)

At home, I use a pair of GoldenEar Triton II's and they are AWESOME! I'd love to have 10 more pairs. Now, they are going to run you more than a normal pair of Klipsch but the performance will run circles around it since many of the GoldenEar models have built-in powered subs! A comparably priced GoldenEar to the Klipsch lineup would be the Triton 7. No powered sub.


My preference isn't yours. Just my two cents.
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