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Audio Set-Up for Armley Schulze?

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Re: Audio Set-Up for Armley Schulze?

Postby Jan Loosman » Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:22 pm

anco111 wrote:Organorak,

Indeed room-correction software improves the sound at the microphone position, but it makes problems worse elsewhere. If acoustical room treatment isn't an option, personally I would choose for software correction. So you have at least one perfect spot..

With roomcorrection software you can meassure and correct a small spot to get the best performance on the organ bench, but you can also meassure and correct a larger space in your room, but this will always compromise the correction on the organ bench a little bit. Before starting to play you can choose the correction you want.
But the result will always be much better compared to no correction.

Regards Jan
Jan Loosman
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