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Using Hauptwerk Setup to Listen to music with subwoofer

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Using Hauptwerk Setup to Listen to music with subwoofer

Postby montyjnc » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:17 am

Not sure if this is in the right section (feel free to move it!)..

But I would love to use my hauptwerk setup, most importantly my subwoofer to play music not just for my hauptwerk. I currently can get a single pair of monitors to work as the audio output for my regular computer but not the subwoofer with it. I am currently using a MOTU Ultralite Hybrid and using the SPDIF with DAC converter to send a mix down to the subwoofer. Is this even possible? Thanks everyone!
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Re: Using Hauptwerk Setup to Listen to music with subwoofer

Postby dhm » Wed Sep 05, 2018 5:29 pm

Can’t you just send the stereo output to the sub, and then feed the monitors from it (just like some of us would in Hauptwerk)?
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Re: Using Hauptwerk Setup to Listen to music with subwoofer

Postby magnaton » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:22 pm

I'm guessing you want to play MP3 files or stream music from your computer? Your version of MOTU interface uses the CueMix software which resembles a mixing board. It's designed for taking an input signal(s) and route it to any or as many outputs you desire.

As its design, imagine a vocal microphone plugged into one of the inputs and you'd like to route that signal to the outputs for the drummer's monitors, guitar's monitors, and of course to your own monitors in the control room.

However in this case, the computer is the device generating the audio signal via the USB interface so its a little tricky. Since you've got the S/PDIF in use for the sub, you'll need 2 TRS patch cables. Connect them from the MOTU outputs 5 & 6 to inputs 5 & 6 respectfully (I just picked these 2 channels for illustration). Then have the Windows Media player (or sound manager) use the ASIO driver to send the stereo signal to outputs 5 & 6. This in turn routes them right back into inputs 5 & 6.

In CueMix now with a stereo signal coming into your MOTU Ultralite on channels 5 & 6 you then can create a bus that will can send that stereo signal to outputs 1 & 2 (HW monitors) and the S/PDIF (subwoofer). You've somewhat created the recording or rehearsal setup as described in the earlier paragraph.

The CueMix software also has the capability to create and save a preset in case your worried about messing up your HW settings. So you might want to save your current settings as a preset for HW before you begin then when your music play back is setup correctly, save a preset for that. You can then easily load the correct preset for the function you want. Of course I made assumptions that the HW monitors were plugged into outputs 1 & 2.

CueMix has parametric EQ and reverb controls which are also saved in the preset. Take advantage of that if need be.

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Re: Using Hauptwerk Setup to Listen to music with subwoofer

Postby scottherbert » Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:29 am

I've admitted this before here, but I am a low tech dinosaur! I use my Hauptwerk system through my stereo! It's routed through my stereo amplifier, so I have to choose if I want to listen to FM, CDs (yes I still have CDs :roll: ) or Hauptwerk.

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