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Audio equipment powered by different phases

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Re: Audio equipment powered by different phases

PostSat Sep 29, 2018 12:35 pm

I realized after I posted that it is very common here in the states to have two 15 or 20 amp circuits that are opposite phase. Again, not an issue unless there is extra hum and noise.
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Re: Audio equipment powered by different phases

PostSat Sep 29, 2018 1:28 pm

And after the "power" gets thru the (power) transformer in the amplifier, it's good old DC that does the "work". DC can be lethal.

My Toyota Prius has for its DC power source, a 277 Volt battery which is mounted under the rear seat. First responders (to an accident involving a Prius) are cautioned about the orange cable leading from the battery up to the electric engine under the hood which carries the 277 VDC. There is an interlock right at the battery which safely disables the voltage.

The shock hazard, while slight, is present in all powered circuits. :shock: There are recognized good practises, when followed and are in place, offer protection.

Our subdivision is having new underground service power cables replaced. (One reason is there are more electric cars needing to be charged) I mentioned to one of the workers the highest voltage I ever worked with was 3 phase 440. He laughed and said they consider that low voltage. The new installation carries 72,000 VAC which of course goes thru a (drop down) transformer before entering our house. :roll:


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