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PMC Result6

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PMC Result6

PostTue Feb 26, 2019 1:34 pm

Just wondering whether anyone else is using a pair of PMC Result6’s in their Hauptwerk setup?
They’re a relatively new monitor from PMC and use a new technology.
Not cheap at £2400 a pair - but sound MUCH more ‘expensive’.
(At the time of writing SX Pro have an ex-demo pair for £1699, so if you are a British user, these are a steal).

I have just installed a pair and am completely bowled over by the quality of the sound.
I do not now need to use my subwoofer, as the bass extension is so good.
Reeds and en chamades sound beautiful.
Apparently they improve over time (50 hours) and bass gets even better.
I’ll keep my Neumann KH120A’s as rear speakers of course, which are also wonderful with Hauptwerk.

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