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Church is moving

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Church is moving

Postby engrssc » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:27 pm

to a soon to be under construction new church building. Planned seating for 500+. Presently, 24 channels/speakers are installed in front center. Have to make the decision now as where to place them in the new facility for the architect to include this in his plans.

Pretty (almost) straight forward with 3 manual divisions and a pedal division. Some would prefer 2 "chambers" up high, one on either side of center, while others would prefer "everything" in a single "chamber/space". Most likely the single "chamber" would need to be down low and off to one side.which would, however, permit easier access to the speakers which BTW are passive 3 way.
Along the lines of this Schoenstein instrument, but with a speaker chamber in place of the real pipes in a corner:


The 2 up high on either side of front (center) would be difficult to access if any servicing were needed. We have to get it right the first time without being able to make changes in the future.

Consideration is also being made for something in the rear for either an echo division or surround sound which presently they don't have. All speakers must be enclosed as in a built-in "chambers", none out in the open. The present sub(s).for the pedal division are large and heavy.

Spec calls for all wiring to be in conduit.

Appreciate some thoughts.

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Re: Church is moving

Postby johnstump_organist » Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:43 am

If there is to be choir, you also need to consider where is the best place for the choir to hear and be in time with the organ and yet not be overwhelmed by it so they don't continually complain that the organ is too loud.
In general, I would think up high and reflecting off of upper walls and ceiling would provide the better sound. However I understand access is a consideration. However, if they are good speakers, and passive so there are no electronics to go bad in the speaker, once they are in and wired up, it should be several years before access is needed again.
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