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5 or 7 speakers?

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5 or 7 speakers?

PostSat Apr 20, 2019 4:22 pm

My existing setup has 5 speakers. The organ is in a roughly 30' x 14' room against a long wall. At the sides of the organ I have a pair of good quality (Mission) floor-standing tower speakers. Against the wall directly behind me I have a pair of Behringer B1031As on stands. I also have a sub-woofer.
I've been offered a (free!) pair of Behringer 1030s.

Are there any real advantages of 7 over 5? If so, where would you put them and how would you configure it all?




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Re: 5 or 7 speakers?

PostSun Apr 21, 2019 4:25 am

absolutely yes !!! with 7 speakers you can make 3 stereo channels. the rear ones keep them for rear sampling, the main one will be the two towers of diffusers, the new channel you can use it by attaching the speakers at the top, oriented like the towers, but closer to each other. you can do many things. for example with a one-channel sample set distribute the various keyboards in the various channels (as desired); sample set to die channels put all the rear samples in the rear speakers, while the two in front you play them at will by dividing them or by keyboards or by an imaginative arrangement of an organ tower; in the 3-channel sample set in the towers put the front, rear samplings in the rear speakers and in the new channel the diffuse samples ...

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