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Power management on a Mac

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Power management on a Mac

PostSat Jun 29, 2019 2:40 am

Dear Hauptwerk friends,

Power management has already been discussed at various points, via master-slave sockets, etc.

With my instrument I could not solve the problem satisfactorily until today.

Organ ON
When I turn on my Mac Mini manually via the computer push key, the other electrical devices (MIDI electronics, organ light, audio interface, active speakers) are switched on via a master-slave power strip.

Result: There is a moderate switch-on noise. (At the beginning, the fuse was always blown out. This I have now replaced by a sluggish circuit breaker.)

Desired solution: Actually, the speakers would have to be switched on with a time delay. But I have not found a power strip with timed freely configurable relay for it.
After all, this power strip makes it at a fixed interval:

Organ OFF
To turn it off, I use the shutdown software button in Hauptwerk.

Result: After shutting down the MacMini, you will hear a very loud unpleasant switch-off sound. Only when the MacMini is turned off does the master-slave power strip take away the power from all electrical appliances. This leads to a loud bang, which is certainly not good for the speakers permanently.

Desired solution: I would prefer a shutdown script from the computer, which turns off the speakers first. Only then can the computer and the other technical devices switch off.
Does anyone know a Mac software that can send commands to a power strip when switching off? Has anyone ever used this software?

I would be very happy about all hints and solutions from the forum.

With kind regards
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Re: Power management on a Mac

PostSat Jun 29, 2019 3:14 am

This power sequencer board (which can be used to control outlets in a plug strip) is very function flexible for the switching requirements that you mention albeit somewhat involved in the initial programming.


A simpler, less flexible sequencer:

This sequencer most likely would need to have the timing interval increased. I believe that can be done by means of a special request. It would involve a component (resistor) change. With the speaker (amplifier(s) being connected to the last channel. (last on, first off).


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