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Useful MOTU. interface info

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Useful MOTU. interface info

PostSun Jan 26, 2020 8:37 pm

I recently purchased an almost new MOTU 24Ao interface to add to our existing 2 - 24Ao's. Since this newest 24Ao required the same routing setup, etc, as one of the existing 24Ao's, thought there must be a way to use a copy and paste procedure. Called MOTU tech support Matt Balson - (an excellent, knowledgeable tech). He gave me info on using the product's import/export feature. If anyone is interested, I'll post the details. To shorten the story, after following all the steps, it didn't do what I wanted. After another call to Matt, he went thru a thorough step by step procedure. The last thing, reset to factory spec solved the issue. This reset is available in the menu, (the final step).

I asked Matt how he was able to be knowledgeable about such a vast product line (details). He said all of their products follow a basic engineering protocol with variations of course. Most likely, the above 24Ao was programmed in a very different way than what we needed. Might be a good first step when buying a used MOTU product would be to do a factory reset.


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