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Stereo Subwoofer Setup - worth it?

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Stereo Subwoofer Setup - worth it?

PostFri Jan 14, 2022 7:30 am

Hi everyone,

currently I'm using a 2.1 Yamaha setup (HS7 + HS8S). From my research, it appears that using two subwoofers is superior to using one, because it can remove room modes if placed correctly.

Also, some people argue that Stereo subwoofer setups provide a slightly better listening experience. They claim that your ears might not be able to localize low frequencies in space, but you can feel the direction of the pressure wave to some degree.

I'm considering getting two subwoofers, and actually putting them into a stereo setup. Meaning, the left subwoofer gets the signals of the left main speakers and vice versa.

In a Hauptwerk recording I analyzed, there is some difference between the low-frequency signal in the left and right channels, but not much. So both subwoofers would play almost the same signal (but not quite). Therefore, I believe you would get the room mode cancellation benefits, and also perhaps a slight stereo imaging benefit on top of that.

It seems to me that this would be clearly superior to having two subwoofers play the exact same signal.

Any opinions or experience reports on that?



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Re: Stereo Subwoofer Setup - worth it?

PostFri Jan 14, 2022 10:42 am

Tough question! I agree that two subs can be positioned to even out resonances in a room.

I guess my first goal would be to find the best sub possible at a reasonable price. Then, especially if the room is large enough to need more power, I'd prefer a second sub rather than a larger one.

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