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Remapping Front/Rear perspective between Left/Right speakers

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Remapping Front/Rear perspective between Left/Right speakers

PostSat Jan 29, 2022 9:10 am

My Roland C380 console has two of auxiliary L/R inputs only, which are amplified to four speakers (two internal and two external ones). Trying to mitigate some apparent phase problems between the Front and Rear channels of the St.-Michel-en-Thiérache Boizard sampleset, I set the Front L/R channels to sound exclusively on the Left speakers, and the Rear L/R channels to sound on the Right speakers. In fact, it doesn't entirely solve the problem, but it lessens it a little.

Going further in this experimentation, I set the Front channels no longer exclusively for the Left speakers, but with a -50% balance, and the Rear channels for the Right speakers with a +50% balance. The result was something surprising, at least to me. Although it lost some of the stereo separation, this distribution added a very interesting physical spatiality between the Front and Rear channels, and with the same and only two amplification channels. It would be like listening to the organ from a slightly tilted perspective, with one ear more towards the back of the acoustic room and the other more towards the organ, without losing much of the lateral mapping. I don't know if anyone else has done this experiment before, but I found it interesting enough to share and get some feedback about it. Of course, I'm not saying that the result was spectacular, let alone this would be a replacement for exclusive speakers for the Rear channels. But it was an interesting spatial gain over hearing the four Front and Rear channels mixed evenly and flat across two speakers.

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