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Latest in sound cards?

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Re: Latest in sound cards?

PostThu Mar 02, 2023 11:43 am

It's all good. USB-2, USB-3, USB-3.1, etc is the technology regarding data transfer speed. USB-C is the connector Vs USB-A (flat and keyed), USB-micro (very small, flat, and keyed) USB-B like for a printer or MIDI keyboard controller. USB-C is not keyed meaning it be plugged in one way or flipped 180. Very convenient and the market is shifting towards that direction i.e. Tesla Model Y is all USB-C.

The MK5 is shipped with both a USB-C ---> USB-C and a USB-C ---> USB-A cable, so you are good to go. The technology it is using is still USB-2 which is plenty fast for what it does.

If you recall, Drew Worthen's big Hauptwerk install at Greenwood UMC is using two 24Ao units and 1 DAT for a total of 56 channels! All USB-2 technology. From my history here, it was the late Leo Christensen who was the godfather and crowning champ of a Hauptwerk multichannel setup having 72 channels! He pushed the limits of combining multiple MOTU interfaces prior to them adopting the AVB protocol. You couldn't find a bigger fan of Hauptwerk and he had a website with lots of excellent information that he shared. Unfortunately when he died everything just vanished! A few of us here were fortunate to download some of his published documents. Would love to know what happened to ALL THOSE studio monitors! :cry:

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Re: Latest in sound cards?

PostThu Mar 02, 2023 12:42 pm

I had the privilege of visiting Leo in his home back in 2009.

At the time, his system was based on the now legacy Motu 24io which uses a PCIe card in the computer connecting to a maximum of 4 external units, each with 24 input and 24 output channels, via FireWire branded by Motu as AudioWire. He was utilizing 88 of the 96 available channels at the time.

My system is based on the same Motu audio interface but has "only" 72 channels (3 external units).

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