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Small English Church Installation

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Re: Small English Church Installation

Postby David Pinnegar » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:10 am

Organorak wrote:Personally I find these off-topic discussions fascinating, if only because the only hifi sound I'm used to is that found at Comet or Currys so this is a whole new world to me.


:-) Yes - many people think that the sort of designs one finds emanating from commercial outlets lead, with greater expenditure of funds, to the bees' knees of sound. They achieve commercial success because everyone assumes that hi-fi should be made to sound that way . . . it's straighforward to manufacture at a profit and its apparent complexity gives perception to justify expenditure.

A member of this forum has written:
I've recently had some deeply held preconceived notions challenged by another member of the Crumhorn Labs forum. He suggested a different set of drivers that would outperform the ones I've been using. Despite my skepticism, I researched the issue at length and . . . In a word, I'm impressed.

I'm certainly looking forward to hearing the results of that instrument. He didn't follow all my recommendations, but it will certainly be sounding better than if he hadn't followed any . . .

The difference is between reproducing sound, and _being_ the sound. The two concepts can result in differing approaches, so it's important to the success of Hauptwerk organs and the EOCS meeting on 3rd July, which is open to Hauptwerkians, should be interesting.

Best wishes

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