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Weekend speaker upgrade & Sonic Maximizer

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Weekend speaker upgrade & Sonic Maximizer

PostMon Feb 21, 2011 2:23 pm

Hello All,
Just a report on an upgrade I did over the weekend. After reading and participating in several posts concerning speakers, multi-channel vs. stereo etc. I came to the conclusion Friday that it was maybe time to do some speaker upgrading first. I have lacked in having quality bookshelf sizes speakers on the front channels but do have a better pair of KLH in the back, the fronts thus far have been some cheapie Insignias. I paid a visit to the local Best Buy and walked out the door with a pair of Polk Audio T15's. These can best be described as having a very rich full sound but for my tastes maybe not quite enough of the crisper highs. I have posted earlier that I am also using a BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer and have been switching it back and forth experimenting with either on the front or rear stereo channels, but I had recently decided to have it to the back channels. I was reminded this weekend how much of a difference this peice of equipment makes. I moved it back to the front channels with the new Polk Audios and then even decided to run the other Insignias as well, but I placed them on their backs in front of the console and the Polks in the corners. All I can say is WOW, what a difference doing this has made. If anyone is looking for a speaker upgrade for not a bunch of money the T15's are great. If you're happy with your speakers but looking to make a nice sound upgrade and have not tried one of these BBE products, or maybe you've had issues with either a too bright or muted sound, all I can say is go out and get one these, they will get you hooked!



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