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Spectacular sounding arrangement

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Spectacular sounding arrangement

PostTue Aug 16, 2011 5:22 pm

Hello all,
I've done considerable experimenting in my 12'x12' HW space with various speaker arrangements and recently got my latest (and greatest sounding) creation up and running and thought I would share this. For those that own wetter sets, especially something like a large Salisbury etc., should be thrilled with the results if you are able to copy this layout or come up with something similar.

The console is roughly centered on one 12' wall. I am currently running 3 stereo amps, so a total of just 3 stereo channels right now but read on. I have an M Audio 1010LT soundcard. I have 4 bookshelf speakers I have placed on the front wall where the console resides, each pair of speakers is on a separate amp. 2 speakers are positioned at about ear level off to the sides of my approx. 6' wide console, the other 2 speakers are up near the ceiling (which is 8' high), these speakers are placed about 1' closer to each other vs. the lower speakers, so looking at the front speaker arrangement you would see the console in the middle and the speakers would form somewhat of a triangle just to the sides and above. To these (front) speakers I am routing various ranks down to 16' and basicly just splitting the ranks up between the 4 speakers as best I can for now. A few more stereo channels and speakers for additional routing would make it even better.

The third amp is connected to a stereo mix-down that I have created on the soundcard, the thrid amp powers 2 more bookshelf speakers at the opposite (back) end of the room. These are placed high on the wall near each corner. I have a sub also at the back, centered on the wall (on the floor) which is connected to the back mix-down amp "record out." My theory is the front speakers act as the organs pipes as if they were up in front of you, and the back speakers create much more space to the sound, and do they ever! I am using no reverb at all.

After adjusting volume levels on the amps and sub, the control panel on the 1010LT takes care of the final volume fine tuning from the listening position at the console to create the soundscape. The end result can only be decribed as awesome! You will almost swear you are sitting right there at the real thing playing.



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