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Switching Floating Divisions with 'stops'

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Switching Floating Divisions with 'stops'

Postby Penrhos1920 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:40 pm

I have set up 2 floating divisions and can switch keyboards between divisions using the route buttons on the Floating Divisions control panel. I would like to use a pair of spare stops on my consule to switch routes so that route 1 is stop in and route 2 stop out. I can't find how to do it.

I don't have any pistons that I can use to use as route buttons which I think is what Hauptwerk is expecting.
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Re: Switching Floating Divisions with 'stops'

Postby mdyde » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:32 am

This topic covers it:


mdyde wrote:It isn't possible to use a MIDI note-off event to trigger a separate function, and it isn't currently possible to use a single MIDI note-on/off switch to toggle back and forth between floating division routes 1 and 2 alone (although we do have the latter logged as an enhancement request).

However, in the meantime, one way that you could achieve what I think you're hoping for would be to:

- Clear the MIDI settings for the 'route 1' and 'route 2' functions (i.e. the '1' and '2' buttons on the floating division control panel).

- Instead auto-detect your MIDI toggle switch to the floating division route 'increment' function (the right-arrow button to the right of route name display on the floating division control panel).

- Then right-click on that same function (right-arrow button), select 'Adjust MIDI/key trigger settings manually ...' and change its 'Input' setting to 'Momentary piston: alternating MIDI note-on/offs'. OK the screen. (Now each time to you change the on/off state of your MIDI switch the route number should increment.)

- Store the same virtual keyboard(s) to route 3 as route 1, and do likewise for route 4 as route 2. (Then incrementing the route should achieve the same result as toggling back and forth between routes 1 and 2, giving the effect you want.)
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