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SoftSynth Integration

Sampling pipe organs and turning them into something you can play in Hauptwerk.

SoftSynth Integration

Postby elia » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:03 pm

The sound engine is designed to be modular, so that sampled sounds can coexist alongside any other synthesis method that may be added.

To get an idea you can consider Steam Pipe 2 (Reaktor from Native Instruments) as wind instrument.
To get another idea you can consider Cromaphone as percussion instrument.

You can think of 3 increasing levels of integration:
1) Hauptwerk uses MIDI_OUT to control an expander (hardware or software)
2) Hauptwerk uses AUDIO_INPUT to merge external sounds to the internal audio engine
3) Hauptwerk instantiates many softsynth as AUi/VSTi inside the audio engine

Point 1) is already present, but only from step 2) you can better integrate heterogeneous sources into the engine (swell box, tremulants, routing, ...).

Software development is compatible in this regard?

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Re: SoftSynth Integration

Postby steve till » Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:49 pm

Oh if only J S Bach could hear the Steampipe.
He would be all over that!
steve till
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Re: SoftSynth Integration

Postby B. Milan » Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:22 pm

Hello Elia,

Hauptwerk doesn't have options to route any audio into it, it only offers audio output. Any other soft synths would not be routed into Hauptwerk, rather they would use the host program they are loaded within or the hardware module etc. and the audio interface settings. Thus it is not possible to apply any of the Hauptwerk instrument modeling features (tremulants, expression etc.) to an external software instrument and the ODF for the Hauptwerk instrument has these settings which only apply to the Hauptwerk instrument itself.

When using the Hauptwerk AU/VST link audio is handled via the host program, so any other soft synth integration is done in that realm, and not within Hauptwerk.
Brett Milan
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Re: SoftSynth Integration

Postby elia » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:24 am

Hello Brett,
practically to integrate an external synth in Hauptwerk to use the advanced features of audio engine (tremulants, swell box, routing, ...) we need to reduce the synth to a sampled snapshot (mono or multi-layers) treating it as any other standard sound.
Uncomfortable but better than nothing (and the sound is immediately ready for use, no quality degradation post-processing).

The main purpose of Hauptwerk is another, however, the solutions always more credible about the sound synthesis are and will be available outside of Hauptwerk.

There is also another important factor: the synthetic sounds are much more defined and clean, although in other cases they have an unpleasant "synthetic" character.
This means that in a reverberant environment, the level of clarity will remain good and not faded.

There are of course exceptions to the sampled (dry) sounds which stand out best for their tonal character...
that theoretically could be used for a cleaner resynthesis :
Creative Physical Modeling Toolbox for Reaktor 5
HV Design Total Tassman : Instrument Library for AAS Tassman ... visser.htm

Anyway thanks for the info ...

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