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New Sample Set Project

Sampling pipe organs and turning them into something you can play in Hauptwerk.
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New Sample Set Project

PostThu Nov 22, 2018 7:11 pm


I have been thinking of unusual sample sets to add to a theatre organ (in most cases), because they have less contained "rules" compared to classical/orchestral pipe organs. I really like the Hand Bell idea that engrssc brought up. That could be a great voice to add as a percussion solo voice.

My thought is on the odd side and I am not sure how it would be achieved with a static note system, when this instrument is extremely portamento and the way it operates and how you get vibrato and other effects would be very difficult to implement in a fixed key situation. I could see it as a solo stop, but almost more on a modern digital orchestra type instrument where it uses all samples of real instruments, verses an instrument that does use samples, but of a single instrument (the pipe organ). There are plenty of sampled voices for just about anything now, but adding them to a "standard" least to a degree, would be difficult. Here is an example of what I am speaking of. It is a Theremin and played with an orchestra backing. Before anyone dismisses this as "crazy", just imagine it as a solo stop that is different that any other (at least that I can think of. Thank you, Steven



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Re: New Sample Set Project

PostFri Nov 23, 2018 3:59 pm

The instrument capable of doing this possesed a string above an electrical contact which was closed by pressing the string down with one finger (position and touch sensitive); it was called Trautonium (Paul Hindemith has composed for it).
The basic set-up is quite simple:
One would have to add such a "string manual" above the conventional keyboard(s).
Just as a thought how this could be handled ...

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