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Adventures in Reverb - Hauptwerk V Mixer

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Adventures in Reverb - Hauptwerk V Mixer

PostSat May 09, 2020 11:16 am

Hello everyone - quarantime has given us all some time to delve deeper into our musical world; and I have finally had enough time to begin to understand and come to terms with Hauptwerk V's mixer.

Martin Dyde - you are a genius. Thank you for the years of dedication from HW1 to what we have today. When I stop for a moment to consider what is going on computationally under-the-hood I am speechless.

We all start out on the St. Anne's set - and it is a great set. However, I have just recently begun to play around with the mixer and the possibilities with the inbuilt convolution reverb engine. I think this result is remarkable - consider this is what is possible "out of the box" with Hauptwerk - before you install a single third party sample set. I love how the flutes, diapasons and even the solo clarinet render so well in the virtual reverberant space.

Bravo Martin Dyde, Brett Milan and the team!!


Sampleset: St. Anne's Mosesly, Milan Digital Audio
Reverb: HauptwerkReverb-Church01-Omni-6.7m-LR-3.8s
Jeremiah Martin,
Portsmouth, Ohio
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Re: Adventures in Reverb - Hauptwerk V Mixer

PostSun May 10, 2020 5:49 am

Thanks very much, Jerry. Very glad you're enjoying it!
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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