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New CCH Playlists

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:00 pm
by John Murdoch
Organorak and I have been having a bit of a competition this afternoon, seeing who can post the most new playlists to CCH. So far we've added 8--featuring specific organs (and sometimes specific periods of music).

This has become quite easy to do, thanks to the new Advanced Search capability--select the Organ, select the period, click on Search. Then assemble your playlist.

Join in the fun! Pick an instrument, a period, a type of music (I'm intrigued by "American Shape Note"), or a composer, and put together 10-40 tunes in a playlist. In effect, you're programming an Internet radio station for your friends here in the Hauptwerk community, and elsewhere. (Don't forget--you can copy the URL for a playlist, and paste it into Facebook or somewhere else. That way you can share good music with your friends!)