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Building a New Console for Myself

Share photos of your Hauptwerk consoles, installations, audio systems, ...
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Re: Building a New Console for Myself

PostWed Jan 08, 2020 8:37 pm

A small amount of work has been done recently. Here are some interesting things I've learned along the way that hopefully someone will find useful - they were certainly new to me.

I used my CNC machine to make the piston rails for each manual. I used 3/4" thick stock, and had it route channels for all the wiring, while leaving the bottom 3/4" thick to make it more rigid. And I used my wifes Cricut machine to make the labels, which seems to have worked out rather well.

The pistons are lighted, but I made a mistake when ordering my mddp128 from MGB. It is on its way back to him to be redone. I had him do a custom firmware that ended up being unnecessary, so he's nice enough to swap it back for me. You'll notice a couple missing from one of the manuals - as the lamps were DOA. So they have since been replaced.

This is an adapter board that I had made to convert the FFC (flat flexible cable) from my Fatars. I had made by a company called Bay Area Circuits. . They have a nifty schematic drawing application that will convert to PCB and you can order directly through the software and they will make the board and ship it to you. No components are attached, so you have to do that part yourself.


I also learned that if you have a Fatar keyboard, if you're using the MGB hwce2x encoder, you can get either their sm-df or sm-dr cable to work properly if you use their UpSet.exe utility to actually change the Scan Matrix - it will to go either way. Each Scan Matrix is independently assignable - which is great for me, since I have 2 different configurations of Fatars at play here. At first I thought I was going to have to order all new adapter cables because my notes were all playing out of order, but Jordan informed me that this can be remedied by using that config program. And indeed, it works great now.

I am hoping to have the "table top" done within the month.
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