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Hauptwerk-MIDI organ console in pipe organ quality for sale

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Hauptwerk-MIDI organ console in pipe organ quality for sale

Postby OAM » Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:46 am

Hello all,

The following Hauptwerk-MIDI organ console in pipe organ quality is for sale:



- Oak solid wood cabinet
- Three UHT solid wood manuals, 56 keys (C-g3) with wear-free, individually adjustable pressure point simulation, pressure point force and position, lower key mineralic material (like ivory touch), upper keys rosewood
- Solid wood pedal, 30 keys (C-f), doubly curved, variable orientation possible
- Solid wood organ bench with variable height adjustment (crank)
- 16 massive Heuss metal pistons with built-in status feedback for standard coupling (IP, II-P, III-P, II-I, III-I, III-II)
- 2 Heuss expression pedals, assignable to any manuals via Hauptwerk
- Built-in control unit with retractable mouse pad, USB port
- 14 touch sensor manual pistons

The console actually contains the UHT MIDI IO for connection of the manuals / pedal, plus a WIRA midi unit for connection of all external elements (Pistons, swells, etc.)
Currently only the UHT MIDI IO is connected and works, the wiring of the external elements has to be done!
Also could be used the new UHT MIDIO4 encoder to connect all manuals / pedal, and all the external elements with only one Midi electronic controller (not included in the offer)

The console was a demonstration model, little used. It cannot be dismantled, but the manual block can be removed and the pedal as well.
The touch screens are not included, but may be purchased separately if wanted.

For transporting a vehicle type like a VW Transporter, trailer or similar is required.
Due to the transport problem especially interesting for German/European customers.

The organ console can be viewed and tested in Germany, nearby Stuttgart

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact OAM by the contact page

Prof. Helmut Maier
OrganArt Media Sound Engineering
D-88662 Überlingen/Lake Constance
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Re: Hauptwerk-MIDI organ console in pipe organ quality for s

Postby mdyde » Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:40 am

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Best regards,

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