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Record/Playback MIDI Performance of Acoustic Piano and HW

Connecting Hauptwerk to MIDI organs, sequencers, ...

Record/Playback MIDI Performance of Acoustic Piano and HW

Postby chrisdfrith » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:08 pm

I am seeking advice on proper set up to both record and playback simultaneous MIDI performances of my acoustic grand piano and Hauptwerk. Here is my current set up:
o Hauptwerk 4.x advanced edition
o Portland Reuter sample set, Hereford Cathedral, and Paramount theater organs set
o Reaper - current version
o Windows 10 PC with 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD
o Two 24' Viewsonic touchscreen monitors
o Three manual lighted draw knob console
o HW VST multi-channel plugin routed through reaper where I apply EastWest Spaces II reverb to some channels
o Outputs from Reaper routed to MOTU 16a
o Steinway Model B with QRS Pianomation III MIDI record/playback
o iConnectMIDI1 interface connect between QRS MIDI system on Steinway and Hauptwerk PC

After reading through the various options to set HW up in Reaper as a "slave" MIDI instrument, I've concluded that I could not also route the audio from HW via VST multi-channel plugin in the same Reaper project as the two MIDI interfaces, iConnectMIDI1 from Steinway and HW VST MIDI, would clash. Is this correct? What are the options? So far, I am able to successfully record and playback the Steinway piano as a solo instrument using Reaper in a separate Reaper project file. I've not tried to include HW VST in the same Reaper project as I don't want Reaper to adbend and have to be reinstalled - something I've already run into once on the Windows PC. Appreciate technical advice here as I'm past my level of MIDI and Reaper expertise. Many thanks!! Also, if you are in the Phoenix area, I'd be delighted to have you come and play both instruments! They are in a my front room with 22' ceiling and great acoustics for a smaller studio setting.
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Re: Record/Playback MIDI Performance of Acoustic Piano and H

Postby Hartley Mays » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:36 pm


I'm not clear on what you think the potential problem(s) would be, nor why you think that splitting things into separate projects in Reaper would matter. The device management Reaper and Hauptwerk have to do is above the project level. There should not be any conflict between your audio interface and multiple midi devices used concurrently. The area of potential conflict is multiple audio devices.

I have a setup with HW, a Rodgers 535 organ, and a Technics piano midi keyboard, and use all of them in one Reaper project with no problem. Maybe you can go further setting up as one project and document any specific problems or questions. I'm pretty sure we can get it all working well. It sounds like you have a great music studio.

Hartley Mays
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