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Adding Reveb to Wave files using Reaper

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Adding Reveb to Wave files using Reaper

Postby conn652t » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:48 pm

I had forgot how to do this, now that I remember. I thought I would share this with you. After recording a song with Hauptwerk, its saved as a wave file. Dry recordings need reverb. If you use Reaper here is how you add reverb.

1. Open Reaper, under file hit New Project
2. Next find the file you want and drag and drop it into Reaper.
3. A control box will appear on the far left.
4. Hit the FX button. Another box opens saying add FX to track 1 and the name of the song.
5. Select your FX. (I have a Mac Pro so my effects are in the AU file on the left.)
6. I use Apple AU Matrix Reverb. another box opens, select your preset, (there are many). Once selected you
can close the box. All you should see is the original Reaper screen and the FX button should be green.
7. Now go to the File menu and hit RENDER
8. A box comes up. Go to the Directory box and hit browse to choose the directory to save the file to.
9. Give the song a title in the next box.
10. Go to the Output Format box it should say wav. If you have installed the Lame MP3 encoder you can
choose MP3 so you can upload it to the Contrebombarde sight.
11. Now hit the button that says Render 1 file. That's it.

There is a good YouTube video that shows how to install the Lame MP3 encoder into reaper on a Mac.
Here is the link
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