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Multiple channels with Reaper.

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Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby sparkyq » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:06 am

I am attempting to add reverb to an installation with Reaper. The set up has 3 stereo outputs, high, low and main (midrange) through a Presonus Fire studio. Works perfectly without Reaper in the circuit.

If I insert Reaper, everything is sent through the main (midrange) output. I have printed out the tutorial from Hauptwerk for adding Reaper and followed the instructions closely but seem to be missing something. The multiple tracks are set up in reaper but all are routing to just the main (midrange) outputs. What am I missing?
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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby mdyde » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:54 am

Hello Philip,

[Topic moved here. Also in answer to your email to us on this, in which you also mention that the problem is within Reaper, not within Hauptwerk's settings:]

Reaper's makers make changes to Reaper's user interface very frequently, so it's very possible that there have been some relevant changes since our tutorial was written. Beyond providing the (albeit probably now rather out-dated) tutorial, we can't provide official help with using Reaper itself, I'm afraid, but if Reaper's documentation doesn't help then you could potentially try contacting Reaper's makers for support, or perhaps some other Hauptwerk/Reaper users here will have some suggestions.

The Hauptwerk plug-in just provides 16 stereo outputs, and the settings within your Reaper project would define where they're routed.

I recall this similar topic from last year, which might perhaps also be useful: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14082
Best regards,

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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby organtechnology » Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:59 am

Hello Phillip,

It is possible to download earlier versions of Reaper at the reaper website. First go to the main page and then go to the bottom of the page. There you will find a link to older Reaper versions. Click that link and then the link to Reaper 3.x in the upper right hand side of the new page. From there it may be possible to download the Reaper version from the Hauptwerk tutorial found on page 180+.

Once you are able to see the steps to set up 3.x you should be able to go back to 5.x and set it up.
I do not remember if this process works if 5.x is already loaded so you might need to isolate the 3.x setup to a different computer. The Hauptwerk tutorial works on Reaper 5.x, if you learn the logic of setting it up, but fails if you try to use it as a step-by-step click map without learning the processes involved. It helps if you have experience in mixer routing techniques for multi-buss mixers with 32 channels of source material.

Best regards,

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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby Hartley Mays » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:26 pm


I think the first step would be to clarify whether the problem is likely on the Hauptwerk or Reaper side.

If you have the Hauptwerk side set up correctly, you should see the volume meters on the three (or more) audio tracks coming from Hauptwerk into Reaper all active when playing? (If you have only one track rather than multiple, that's the problem.)

On the Reaper side, have you confirmed completely independly of Hauptwerk that you can produce sound concurrently on all three audio outputs?

One thing that would be helpful for diagnosis would be Reaper's routing screen for the project.

Hartley Mays
Hartley Mays
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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby sparkyq » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:23 pm

Greeting Hartley,
Thanks for the reply. I am sure the problem is with reaper. H/W is playing through the three stereo channels (1&2 - main, 3&4- low, 5&6 - high) and the Reaper VU meters are functioning. The meters confirm that H/W is sending the correct ranks through each of the channels.

The output from Reaper is only sent to 1&2 - main. If I attempt to change any routing the channels are muted.

On the Reaper side, have you confirmed completely independly of Hauptwerk that you can produce sound concurrently on all three audio outputs?
I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, or how I should go about it.

Sorry, can't get the screen shot to display here
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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby jkinkennon » Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:13 pm

Let's assume that you have the Hauptwerk VST loaded as track 1 in Reaper. Tracks 2, 3, and, 4 would likely be used for the three stereo outputs. You say you see the audio meters active for the three tracks which is good.

For each of the tracks 2 to 4 you would send the output to the audio interface by clicking on the ROUTING button for each track and selecting Add New Hardware Output. There you select the appropriate Presonus port for that stereo signal.

Now to add the reverb. The ideal situation in my view is to click the green FX button for each track and add an instance of your reverb to any other FX effects you may already have. You will have three separate instances of reverb.

If you cannot add multiple instances of your reverb then you will need to select ROUTING -> Add New Sends for tracks 2 to 4 and send them (for example) to track 5. Insert your reverb in track 5's FX chain. Create sends from track 5 to tracks 6, 7, and 8. Remove the hardware sends from tracks 2 to 4 and move them to tracks 6, 7, 8. Add sends from tracks 2 to 4 to tracks 6 to 8 where those original dry signals will get mixed with the reverb from track 5. In this scenario run the reverb in a 100% wet mode and select the right mix of dry and reverb in the three output tracks 6 thru 8.

If none of this makes sense or if it doesn't match your hardware somehow then I would be happy to generate a Reaper configuration file that you could try.

EDIT: Note that nothing routes to the Master track unless you want to create a mix down for headphones or recording. It the Master track is used do not route the output to any of the channels used for the three stereo outputs. I show using stereo channels thoughout though mono channels would work the same way but be more difficult to configure.
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Re: Multiple channels with Reaper.

Postby jbittner » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:24 am

Had the same problem with trying to get multiple channels out of Reaper with Hauptwerk.. As pointed out the current UI is different than presented in the tutorial. Could see that the channels I had set up in Hauptwerk were appearing on their own faders in Reaper, but no matter how I routed them they always wound up on the same two outputs. Most certainly my fault, but my free trail was running out and didn't want to purchase before getting it working. Bought a Lexicon instead. Much less frustrating.
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