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tablets via USB-midi instead of wifi?

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tablets via USB-midi instead of wifi?

Postby phdcam » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:00 pm

Several of us (Vangelis, gjschipper, G3) use ipad or android tablets as HW touchscreens. These tablets run the apps Lemur or TouchOSC. They talk to the HW PC over wifi. Instead, I'd like to use Android's USB-MIDI feature: the tablet just plugs into the PC with a USB cable, and looks like a standard MIDI device to the PC and to HW. Less hardware, less to configure, less brittle, less vulnerable, less latency.
Technical example:

The TouchOSC app talks only to an IP address; its menus can't specify "just be a MIDI controller." If I try anyways, HW doesn't see the tablet. No surprise.
Can Lemur imitate a MIDI controller like this? (I haven't splurged on it yet, to try it myself.)
Or must I convince one of these two app developers to support this, or (gasp) write an app myself?
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