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How to connect a Tyros 5 wireless?

Connecting Hauptwerk to MIDI organs, sequencers, ...

How to connect a Tyros 5 wireless?

Postby Marco84 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:06 pm

Hello I'm new to the forum and to the Hauptwerk system.
I have a Yamaha keyboard, a Tyros 5 61 keys, which I mostly use as a church organ to study at home.
The Tyros 5 has some really good sampled classic organ voices in the Organworld section, but as you can imagine you take them as a whole configuration of that particular organ, without the possibility to select stops or other things.
I only have a desktop PC which is located far from the keyboard, so I can't connect the two via midi or usb cable.
My question to you experts is this: is there a possibility to connect my desktop PC (Windows 10 x64) with Hauptwerk to the Tyros 5 in wireless mode and play the sound from the Tyros speakers, like the regular voices?
Thank you.
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Re: How to connect a Tyros 5 wireless?

Postby engrssc » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:50 pm

Hi and welcome,

Not sure of the connections you would use via Tyros 5. Wireless wise, the most common method is by using a wireless MIDI system. The cheapies really don't work that well, if at all (Midair for instance).. And for the most part are only somewhat useful at a short range. The more expensive (pro) MIDI wireless units do perform quite well.

The next issue is getting the sound (via a sound card) from the computer to where the keyboard is located. Off the cuff, I think you'll find doing this wireless bit is possible, albeit cumbersome and the results might be overall disappointing.

OTOH, my MacPro computer was originally located approx 30 feet away from my console (downstairs) . I used a powered USB cable (actually 2 of them) to convey the MIDI information back and forth. 8 channels of line level audio (from the internal computer sound card) via shielded balanced cable to the power amp located at the console location. It did work, but again, it wasn't the best setup for several reasons. I have since made an installation of everything, computer and sound equipment at the console location. Much improved from an operational stand point. My humble opinion.

Quite possible for the cost of doing the wireless thing, you could probably buy another (dedicated to Hauptwerk and the keyboard) computer . I just bought a (used) Dell desktop with significant high end features on ebay for approx $300+ . This for a friend, helping him setup a Hauptwerk organ. You might have to shop around a bit.

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Re: How to connect a Tyros 5 wireless?

Postby Marco84 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:42 pm

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Re: How to connect a Tyros 5 wireless?

Postby mdyde » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:59 am

Hello Marco,

Standard MIDI cables can also be up to 50 feet in length (if good-quality cables and MIDI interfaces are used), and more if repeaters are used, in case that's sufficient. Using physical cables is definitely the simplest, most reliable, and least expensive option.

Using physical Ethernet cabling (CAT-6/5e) one can send the audio output from the computer reliably, and at very low latencies, over very long distances using networked audio (AVB or Dante), although such systems aren't particularly cheap. See also:


For example, you should theoretically be able to use the Echo Streamware NIC-1 PCIe interface in a PC, then use a long CAT-6 cable to connect it directly to a MOTU UltraLite AVB interface ( ) situated near your Tyros, then connect the audio ouptut from the UltraLite into the audio input on your Tyros keyboard.

Either way, it's usually important to use a good professional/semi-professional audio interface (with good ASIO drivers) for reliable low-latency audio ( ). I don't know about wireless audio systems, but I would imagine that professional ones with sufficiently low latencies for real-time use, and of sufficiently high quality, would exist (e.g. for live stage performance use).

I would say that in general, the speakers built into a keyboard probably aren't ideal for optimum audio quality with full-range material such as pipe organs. For example, you might find some high-quality headphones (such as the well-regarded AKG K712, K702 or K701) a better option.
Best regards,

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