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Speaker advice etc

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Speaker advice etc

Postby therepetiteur » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:34 am

Hi there

Newbie to all of this, sorry if my questions are silly!
I am having a console re-built to an impressive 3 manual and pedal specification with moving draw-knobs which will work with hauptwerk. I plan to, at least at the beginning, use a mac mini (i7 and 16GB RAM). I will use hauptwerk advanced edition with the large Budapest organ. As I understand, a soundcard can be either the soundcard inside the computer, or an external unit called an interface. I'd like to get some opinions on which interface I should buy as presumably the mac mini won't be enough, and whether or not I can start out with a simple 5.1 surround hi-hi amp and speaker set (just till I feel like upgrading). If so, how do I connect the hi-fi amp to the interface when I get it all?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Speaker advice etc

Postby mdyde » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:21 pm

Hello therepetiteur,

This topic discusses using a Mac's built-in output:


(In summary, the Mac's built-in output would be fine to use for getting started, but high-quality professional-grade audio interfaces will probably give a noticeable improvement in quality, as well as allowing you to use more than just a single stereo pair of speakers.)

MOTU's AVB models (such as the UltraLite AVB) might be good candidates to consider:

Here's a thread discussing audio interfaces, speakers, and Hauptwerk surround-sound sample sets and routing in general:


therepetiteur wrote:I plan to, at least at the beginning, use a mac mini (i7 and 16GB RAM). I will use hauptwerk advanced edition with the large Budapest organ.

I don't think you would find a Mac Mini to be sufficient to use the Inspired Acoustic Palace of the Arts Budapest 'Professional version' (PAB Pro) organ in full, I'm afraid. The highest specification of Mac Mini that Apple make currently only has a dual-core CPU (3 GHz). The PAB Pro is particularly demanding in terms of CPU power and memory, so I think you would really need a minimum of a fast quad-core i7 or i5 model, with at least 24 GB of RAM (although you could potentially disable a few of its ranks to fit it within the free RAM on a 16 GB computer).

Amongst Apple's current range, to use that particular sample effectively in full I think you would probably want to look at a quad-core i7 iMac with at least a 3.6 GHz i7 CPU speed and at least 32 GB of RAM.
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