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MOTU AVB stuff

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MOTU AVB stuff

Postby engrssc » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:33 pm

Reference to a listing I made earlier

I mistakenly "merged" MOTU Ultralite MK 3 and Mk 4 with the Ultralite AVB. These (Ultralite MK 3/MK 4) are not the same as the MOTU Ultralite AVB as Martin pointed out. As always, thanks, Martin.

As an update, MOTU will upgrade the Ultralitre AVB to auto power on. All that is required is a call to tech support either by phone (617.576.2760. 9am - 6pm ET, Monday - Friday) or online to arrange an RA (return authorization). (Wish a Mac Mini could be made to do that).

BTW, if you bought a MOTU AVB box used from someone else who registered the product, tech support will update their registration records to show you as the current owner.

Sending the box back to them, they will turn it around with the Auto power feature enabled at no charge (other than the return shipping cost to them).

Regarding power on the CAT 6 line for remote power control, can't be done presently altho MOTU is looking to do this in the future as in "stay tuned".

Likewise, there is a need to update firmware

There is an article comparing AVB and Dante, sorta negative to AVB. But there is a large gap bertween the two technologies price wise as far as I can see. For pro's probably Dante. For us (Hauptwerkians) AVB seems quite good.

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