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Syndyne Lighted Drawknobs

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Re: Syndyne Lighted Drawknobs

Postby organtechnology » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:56 pm

hvandyk wrote:Yes, they are the Rodgers drwaknobs built by Syndyne.

I am using the Artisan Lighted Stop driver boards. They have separate connection for the light and the switch. So switch and light wiring from the drawknob go to different terminals on the Artisan board. If you do not wire the board correctly (wire for a light from a drawknob connected to the MIDI Board light terminal #1 requires that the wire for the switch from that drawknob be connected to the MIDI Board Switch terminal #1) then the light will not come on and off as the drawknob is pulled or pushed. All of that is working correctly so the boards are wired correctly. So basically,the Artisan MIDI board send the signal to the light when the drawknob is operated rather then Hauptwerk. That is where the problem seems to be, the signal needs to be coming from Hauptwerk and so far none of the proposed solutions has worked.

I do not think those boards are going to work well with the Hauptwerk combination system. I think that you will need a CPU board and output driver boards separated from the main control system. These are driven by a MIDI output signal from Hauptwerk to light the lamps in the draw knowbs. The drawknob switches will need to go to HV64 input boards and the MIDI out of Hauptwerk will need to go to the MIDI Controller board attached to the Output Driver Boards (a total of 250 points for the 250 lamps). These boards are programmed with the others and then separated so that the only MIDI signal comes from HW.

So you wind up with the Artisan INPUT boards (HV64) all in one group and these connect to the computer MIDI input while the Output boards and their CPU are in a separate group (after programming) and are connected to the MIDI output cable coming from the Hauptwerk computer. This gives Hauptwerk complete control of the stop lighting and it will follow only Hauptwerk commands.

I have a three manual Rodgers Theatre Organ cabinet with a system very similar to what you are describing but we use LED lighted tabs driven from the artisan output boards and we read the tab switches with the HV64 input boards.

I hope this helps you get this going because it works very well when you get it right.

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Re: Syndyne Lighted Drawknobs

Postby hvandyk » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:49 am


Thank for that info. I think that is the way I will go. I will post another reply in while with the results.
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