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Launchpad MkII sounding notes

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Launchpad MkII sounding notes

PostWed Aug 08, 2018 5:08 am

I'm running HW 4.2.1 on a MacPro and I just bought a Launchpad Mk II to help me with concert work.

I'm programming the buttons to be Generals and understand that at present, the implementation of the LEDs is limited for the launchpad MkII.

However, I notice that starting in roughly row 3 from the bottom, each button is sounding a note on the organ starting from the bottom of the keyboard, ascending chromatically.

If I auto-detect a General, I get the clash message. If I selected the middle 'Only this control' and 'clear other' option, all that happens is that the keyboards are all set to 'no input' under Organ Settings/Keyboards. If I re-enable the keyboards input, the launchpad buttons are still sounding notes.

Does this rings bells with anyone? Anyway to clear the mapping from the launchpad?

Any help greatly appreciated!
Roderick Elms
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Re: Launchpad MkII sounding notes

PostWed Aug 08, 2018 6:37 am

Evidently, the Launchpad and keyboard are sending MIDI messages on the same channel, so one or other will need to be changed. I would guess it's easier to change the channel the Launchpad is using, but since I don't know anything about them I can't really say how to do it. I expect there is some information in the Launchpad manual.


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