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Hauptwerk Vst or asiorearoute , what is best?

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Jan Loosman


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Hauptwerk Vst or asiorearoute , what is best?

PostThu Mar 05, 2020 2:43 pm

In the past with V4 i used asiorearoute in Reaper. Then i switched to Hauptwerk Vst because of Dirac roomcorrection Vst.
Both sounded good but if i remember correctly i preferred the Hauptwerk VST then, it seemed to sound a little bit better.
Because of the Vst problems in V5.00 i switched back to asiorearoute and it sounded great.
So i have the 2 options now, but what is the best option.
What should theortically give the best sound, least latency, least Cpu use etc.

Regards Jan
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Re: Hauptwerk Vst or asiorearoute , what is best?

PostThu Mar 05, 2020 3:11 pm

Hello Jan,

I don't for certain how Reaper's ReaRoute ASIO driver works internally, but I imagine it would be implemented in a fairly similar way to the Hauptwerk VST Link. I'd be very surprised if there was any difference in sound quality.

Providing that you're using a good ASIO driver for audio output from Reaper, and that the ASIO driver is using a power-of-two buffer size (256, 512, or 1024, etc.), then if using the Hauptwerk VST Link with Reaper set Hauptwerk's number of audio buffers to 1 and select the same (power-of-two) buffer size in Hauptwerk that you're using in Reaper. That way you'll get the best performance from the Hauptwerk VST Link.

I'd then suggest just testing the achievable polyphony (using one of the Hauptwerk 'polyphony testing organs') via the Hauptwerk VST Link (with buffer sizes set at as above) and comparing it to the polyphony via ReaRoute. I doubt there would be any difference in latency.
Best regards, Martin.
Hauptwerk software designer/developer, Milan Digital Audio.

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