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Using Console-Pistons and Screen parallel

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Using Console-Pistons and Screen parallel

PostWed Mar 15, 2023 2:40 pm


I am a beginner an a little bit anxious of doing things wrong. My organ sample has 4 manuals and 76 stops. My old (but midi-capable) Johannus-Organ has 47 stops. What I intend is using the organ register pistons of the Johannus for the main and swell organ of the sample, and the remaining stops will be „drawn“ on the computer-screen. Dose anybody know, whether this may work or will it lead to a midi-mismatch? Thanks a lot in advance for help.




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Re: Using Console-Pistons and Screen parallel

PostWed Mar 15, 2023 3:47 pm

Yes, it can work. Assigning MIDI stop controls to some sampleset stops has no effect on the other stops.

Note the caveat in the user guide about trying to use both the stop controls and the pistons/toe studs on your digital organ to control Hauptwerk stops and combinations at the same time. You really need to choose one or the other, because the digital organ's combination system will fight Hauptwerk over stop states.

I've found pistons much more useful than stop controls, especially if I have to poke some of them on the screen.
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Re: Using Console-Pistons and Screen parallel

PostWed Mar 15, 2023 4:36 pm

Hello Johannes,

To add to Mark's reply, see especially that section that Mark mentioned: "Playing Hauptwerk live from a digital organ" (pages 261-262 in the current v7.0 version of the user guide). Since you want to use your Johannus' stop switches with Hauptwerk, and since your Johannus' combination system can't control stops that the organ doesn't have, if you wanted the additional (Hauptwerk-only) stops to be controlled from a combinations then you would have to use Hauptwerk's combination system for everything, and *not* use the Johnanus built-in combination system. Hence you probably wouldn't be able to use the Johannus' pistons in that case (they're probably hard-wired to the Johannus' built-in combination system), and would need to trigger Hauptwerk's combination system from something separate from the Johannus (e.g. a Novation Launchpad Mk2).
Best regards, Martin.
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