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Recording Hauptwerk master general buttons in Studio One

Connecting Hauptwerk to MIDI organs, sequencers, ...
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Norman Young


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Recording Hauptwerk master general buttons in Studio One

PostWed May 31, 2023 2:05 pm

I know that Hauptwerk 6 isn't fully compatible with Studio One (6) DAW due to the unique way Studio One handles midi data, but I would have thought it ought to be possible to use the registration buttons to store registration changes since these are effectively program changes.

Studio One can’t store/replay registration buttons recorded on a track from my organ, so I set up a dedicated NOVATION MK2 to control the registration buttons (master general 1 -20) using the learn function in Hauptwerk.

This didn’t produce consistent results. Pressing the same pad a number of times would result in some stops changing that were not stored with that master general button.

I then programmed key switches in Studio One so each pad represents a different program change 1 - 20.

Recording these did not result in accurate representation of the stops, and no couplers were recalled.

I then tried using BOME MIDI TRANSFER to convert midi notes to program changes, and that wasn't entirely satisfactory either – basically doing the same thing as the key switches in Studio One.

As a final experiment I captured the data send from the pistons on my organ and used the same sysEx data to be sent from the novation launchpad via BOME using 20 of the touch pads programmed to mimic exactly the sysEx output from the organ, and that worked really well when live; consistent results either using the launchpad or the registration buttons on the organ.

I'd hoped that if I recorded which pads were touched during a performance (just the note values were recorded), then on replay, BOME would convert the notes to sysEx (which it does correctly) but Hauptwerk ignores the data.

I used to use Sonar Platinum (now known as Cakewalk) as my DAW, and Hauptwerk worked really well with that.

You might say that I should therefore use Cakewalk, but that isn’t really practical anymore.

It really should be possible to store master general stops in a simple way that Hauptwerk understands.

I need to be able to record stop changes (just by master general buttons) because 99.9% of the time, whewn I use Hauptwerk, it is in conjunction with loads of other instruments (VSTs).

Any help gratefully received!
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Re: Recording Hauptwerk master general buttons in Studio On

PostThu Jun 01, 2023 3:35 am

Hello Norman,

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I don't have experience with Studio One, and it isn't a host that we officially support, I'm afraid, but my one brief suggestion would be turn on the "Diagnostics: log all MIDI messages received and sent" option on the "General settings | General preferences | Advanced ..." screen in Hauptwerk. That will show all MIDI messages that Hauptwerk receives, as well as what virtual controls those MIDI messages triggered, and what MIDI messages (if any) Hauptwerk sent in response, including the MIDI ports used. Perhaps that will help you to track down what's going wrong. Use "Help | Show activity log" to see the resulting logged entries.
Best regards, Martin.
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Re: Recording Hauptwerk master general buttons in Studio On

PostThu Jun 01, 2023 11:13 am

To me, it sounds like you are overcomplicating the issue. HW already contains a midi translator. You can use HW's translator by selecting "console" when enabling your midi input port (i.e. hauptwerkvstlink). HW will then take your Launchpad notes that you have set using HW's auto-detect and translate them to the "predefined internal" codes for your sample set.

You have to make sure that the midi ports for your console and LP are not enabled in HW. They should only be enabled in your DAW. Otherwise HW's translator will receive double midi messages which may be causing the 'confusion' you are experiencing in stop selection.

Since combinations and setters may change in the future. you may want to save a midi track of the "pre defined internal" data in your project for prosperity You can play from your DAW while recording the midi in HW. HW always produces a midi file containing the translated "predefined internal" data, which you can import back into your project.

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