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Trouble installing sample set!

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Trouble installing sample set!

Postby Alte_neume » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:11 pm

Hello again,
I appreciate all the help on my previous forum posts. My new HW setup is amazing and I have been using the Salisbury sample set daily. I am having trouble installing the Organ Art Library Hus/Schnitger sample set however. Like the Salisbury DVDs, I put the 1st Hus/Schnitger DVD into computer and started loading in HW4. Upon completion of download of 1st DVD an error pops up as follows:

"The organ definition file named 'OrganART 1675-88 Hus-Arp Schnitger Stade.Organ.Hauptwerk.hbx' couldn't be loaded to query its version, while attempting to install the component packages '/Volumes/OAM-Stade-DVD1/Hus-Arp Schnitger-StadeV3.0-000260.CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar'. If it's a licensed file then perhaps a license hasn't yet been installed for it.

Message code (for diagnostic purposes): 1223"

I reached out to Organ Art Library who stated I should contact distributor from which I purchased the sample set for clarifications. I contacted the certified HW distributor who over the past week has been working on making sure everything has been arranged on their end but he indicated that I should still be able to load the sample set even if licensing is not in order and in that case I should be able to load the set but would not be able to run it.

While I am waiting to hear back from the distributor to make sure the licensing is in order, is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

As always, thank you for your suggestions! Sincerely, Alte_neume
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Re: Trouble installing sample set!

Postby mdyde » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:32 am

Hello Alte_neume,

You do actually need to have a sample set's licence applied before you can install it.

I'm not involved in handling licence updates myself, but from a brief look in our database and order processing emails it doesn't appear that we've been notified about your purchase by the distributor yet. Once that's happened, we'll contact you to arrange the necessary update to your USB key to enable the sample set on it, then you'll be able to install and use it.
Best regards,

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Re: Trouble installing sample set!

Postby B. Milan » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:51 pm


What distributor did you purchase it from?

As Martin wrote, we've not been notified by anyone as of the time of writing this so we cannot issue license updates until we hear from an authorized distributor. If you let us know who it was then perhaps we can help facilitate a quicker turn around for you.

Thank you!
Brett Milan
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Re: Trouble installing sample set!

Postby Alte_neume » Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:40 am

Thanks for the response. I purchased from I spoke with one of their representatives again on Friday, September 15 who said he would re-submit the required information. He was hoping that by Monday or Tuesday this week I would be receiving the updated HW dongle information but I have not received an email yet.

I really look forward to using this sample set and can't wait to get this resolved!

Thanks again!
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