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Orla GT 9000 set up

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Orla GT 9000 set up

Postby oldorganist » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:39 pm

Has anybody any help with setting up Hauptwerk on Grande Theatre GT 9000 organ.
I have the advanced program.
I am on Windows 10 Home edition.
It loads up oaky ,but, having trouble setting keyboards and sound.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you from Keith
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Re: Orla GT 9000 set up

Postby mdyde » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:18 am

Hello Keith,

Could you first confirm that you've done each of the following?:

1. Connected a MIDI lead from your Orla's MIDI OUT port to a MIDI IN port on your computer?

2. Made sure that particular MIDI IN port is ticked on Hauptwerk's 'General settings | MIDI ports | MIDI IN ports' screen?

3. Loaded St. Anne's, right-clicked on the virtual Great keyboard, selected 'Auto-detect MIDI ...' then followed the on-screen instructions to press the highest and lowest keys on your Orla's Great manual? Does the 'Done' button light up (which would indicate that Hauptwerk has heard suitable MIDI messages from the Orla)? If so, if you click the 'Done' button, does the virtual Great play properly from your Orla's Great manual?
Best regards,

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