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Hauptwerk is making crackling noises every second or so.

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Re: Hauptwerk sound is crackling. (again)

PostSun Jun 28, 2020 3:34 pm

Hi Gracker,

What you're using is really not standard audio system. I'm not sure that HDMI be the best audio output to use (I never tried one, and semi-professional and professional audio interface don't use that type of connectors). Since it was working correctly with your built-in audio interface this may point to some incompatibility or sync problems (bitrate, buffer size). You can try to play with those settings and see if you can get improvement

As explained by Martin previously:

ery briefly (since we no longer officially support Hauptwerk v4, except for people who bought a licence for it less than 12 months ago), I'd suggest you start by reading through the 'Performance tuning' section of the main Hauptwerk guide (pages 200-216 in the v4.2.1 version), and work through the steps for troubleshooting PC audio issues in the 'Other operating system and computer optimizations and diagnostics' sub-section (pages 214-216).

You may want to consider to get a semi-professional audio interface (focusrite for example), test with headphones; of course the problem is connecting to your hdmi audio system... maybe your system offers the possibility to use other types of connection (and if so, make sure the audio interface offers the right outputs).

Good luck
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Re: Hauptwerk sound is crackling. (again)

PostSun Jun 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Hey Micdev!

The last time I got it working on my internal sound card was by changing the buffer size in the ASIO4ALL control panel to match Hauptwerk. This seems a little different though, because I didn't change the buffer settings since last time. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but it's crackling on all speakers again. My headphones, internal speakers, and my system through HDMI are all crackling. The difference this time is that my CPU bar is stuck on red, and it wasn't when I fixed it originally. Is there maybe a method or program I can use to see what is causing the CPU bar to stay in the red?



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Re: Hauptwerk sound is crackling. (again)

PostMon Jun 29, 2020 1:54 am

Good news! I just figured out what was keeping the CPU bar in the red. The leftover processes for my wired mouse software were running in the background. The sound is almost perfect now. Every minute or so, the CPU bar spikes (even without playing anything). I did notice that people were talking about dealing with CPU spikes like mine in other conversations, including changing or disabling different computer settings. I will post again if I can’t eliminate the timely spikes.
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Re: Hauptwerk is making crackling noises every second or so.

PostMon Jun 29, 2020 4:49 am

[Topic merged with your original one, so that people can find any relevant background information easily.]
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Re: Hauptwerk sound is crackling. (again)

PostMon Jun 29, 2020 10:41 pm

Gracker wrote:I just tried opening Hauptwerk without speakers, and it still crackles. Since I'm using the HDMI port, it says the sound device is Intel(R) Display Audio. I turned of SysMain, messed with the file indexing, turned off the WiFi, restarted my computer, and the crackling in Hauptwerk didn't go away. I checked the task manager, and the CPU is only up to about 20% with Hauptwerk running. The largest process in that bunch is System, running at 13%. When I'm loading a sampleset, Hauptwerk uses about 20% of my CPU. Once it's done loading, it goes down to basically 0%. The rest of the processes are using about 1-3%. I know that the CPU bar in Hauptwerk doesn't show the same as the task manager, but how do i get it to go down if my overall CPU usage in the task manager is so low? Why is Hauptwerk saying the CPU is red when the actual CPU usage is almost 0%? Are background programs always the issue?

I don't see where anyone has mentioned that the CPU bar graph in the audio midi window mostly indicates the capability of the CPU to run the audio driver, in this case ASIO4ALL. Your computer CPU can be running at almost 0% but if it is not syncing with the audio packets it is going to pop. So make sure the sample rate of your audio device and the sampled rate of the sample set match or you will go nuts trying to figure out. Plus ASIO4ALL must have your audio device as part of the ALL. If it is only a WDM device, it is going to be very very difficult to solve this problem. But I repeat the problem is in the audio driver compatibility with Hauptwerk, your sound card (or module) and possibly additional things like super fetch and sysmain and all that stuff.

Good luck,

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