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New sample set doesn’t display in Hauptwerk

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New sample set doesn’t display in Hauptwerk

Postby sarthurwest » Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:26 pm

I was wondering if anyone can answer a question for me:

I purchased the Bovenkerk sample set from Classic Organ Works and after loading it I don’t see it showing up at all in the possibilities of organs to load. Does the USB key need to be updated so that this set is an authorized set? I already sent an email to MDA asking the same question and hopefully will hear back from Brett or someone else there but I thought I would ask on this forum and see if anyone else knew if this was why the new set wouldn’t be showing up.

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Re: New sample set doesn’t display in Hauptwerk

Postby Grant_Youngman » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:14 am

You do need to have a license update applied to your USB key for this sample set.

Brett is usually pretty quick in getting update requests to you once MDA knows you own a sample set. Maybe Classic didn't get the purchase info to Brett in a timely manner (?).

I'm assuming the sample set actually didn't install properly — you might have missed a message related to the missing license somewhere along the line.
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Re: New sample set doesn’t display in Hauptwerk

Postby mdyde » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:35 am

Hello Arthur,

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To add to Grant's reply, yes -- the sample set does need to be enabled on your Hauptwerk USB key. I see that we did have a record of your purchase logged in our database, but I'm not quite sure what arrangements Brett has with Classic MIDI Works regarding who organises their licence updates (given that Darryl no longer works there). Our apologies for the mix-up.

Please submit a licence update request to us using this form, following the instructions on the form and we can then get your licence activated for you:

For the order number field, for good measure, please enter HW19004 (which is the order number under which the order has been logged in our database).

(Please also note that it's important that you only use the 'File | Create a license update request' menu function once [until the resulting update has been sent back to you and applied, since using it a second time after sending us a request file would invalidate the first request file and necessitate repeating the process].)

We'll then send a file back to you with instructions for applying it, which will enable the necessary licence in your USB key. Once that's done, please (re-)install the sample set's installation packages that are named ...OrganDefinitionFiles... . (Those files can't be installed until there is a licence for the sample set enabled in your USB key.) You should then be able to load the organ as normal.

Thanks, and also thanks retrospectively for the purchase.
Best regards,

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