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XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:28 pm
by RagnBone
Hi folks, hopefully this is the right section to ask this! (mods please move if not)

I've been trying to install the free Paramount 310 sample set to get the feel for a theatre style organ and have some issues.
Firstly when downloading the file from the Paramount website - the file downloads as "ParamountOrganWorks310v2x12.CompPkg_Hauptwerk_rar"
So the first problem is in HW when using "File - install organ - " and navigating to where the file is saved, it is not visible so can't be selected. I've found changing the file name to remove the under-scores and replacing with full stops so "...CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar" the file is then visible in HW and can be selected.
So is this just an error on Paramounts' side naming the file incorrectly? Since with under-scores it is not recognized as a .rar file even when looking at it in windows. After renaming it I can look inside the .rar file with winzip and see all the samples and definition folder.

Second problem - when loading the sample set I can get to the user agreement and accept, afterwards there is the error message:
"XML Parsing error at line 1 occurred when processing the XML file D:/Hauptwerk working data/Hauptwerk internal working files/Temporary files/Organ definitions/Paramount310.Organ_Hauptwerk_hbx. Please request assistance from the supplier of the file."
Message code 1108"

So again the under-scores appear in a file name for this sample set. But further, with some research I've found that "hbx" files seem to be specific to Mac operating systems where I am trying to load this on a Windows 10 machine. So to my inexperienced eyes it looks like HW is trying to load the organ definition and is hitting this hbx file and can't load it nevermind the under-scores in the file extension, does this sound plausible? On a windows machine should the organ definition file be an .xml file?

The only conclusion I can make is that this sample set was made to work on a Mac and nothing else, but that seems a bit silly to me. Surely others have this organ loaded on their windows machines, but for some reason I can't :cry:

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Although I can't put any suggestions into action just yet since my PC is being repaired at present.

Re: XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:59 pm
by NickNelson
Hi RagnBone,

It sounds to me as thought you are trying to load the organ before installing it (they are different steps).

File -> Install organ or temperament is the first step, where HW unpacks the rar file and puts all the data in the right places.

Once this has been done, you can use Organ -> Load organ.. to actually load it.


Re: XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:54 am
by RagnBone
Ah thanks for pointing out, seems I mis-typed. I get the two confused when I'm not looking at the software :oops: Have edited the OP.

I am having these issues when trying to install the organ for the first time.

Re: XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:52 am
by adrianw
I do not use this sample set, but to start with you should not have changed the file extensions.

A new feature of HW4 over HW3 (some years ago now) was that it allows the use of underscores rather dots in file extensions, to prevent the scenario where for example other rar-capable archive programs believe they can manipulate the files and then corrupt them, and sample sets which are by design only compatible with HW4 are often named like this. This is explained in the HW release documentation.

If you are running HW4 and it cannot see the files there is another problem with your download and you are wasting your time going further Check the file is of the right size and correct file name.

You do not need to worry about the naming conventions of Hauptwerk's internal files. Leave them well alone. As it happens, hbx is a hauptwerk-encrypted xml file - it should be there and is nothing to do with Macs.

Of course, since you know your PC was playing up you will already realise this is most likely to have been a hardware problem.

Re: XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:09 am
by IainStinson
I use this on a PC. It installed and works fine.

This may help when your PC is fixed.

First see page 170 in the HW manual.

Assuming you have installed HW and the St Anne organ works, to install a new organ:

1. Download the sample set file or files. Sample sets are packed in files ending with .HauptwerkOrgan or .CompPkg_Hauptwerk_rar, or .CompPkg.Hauptwerk.rar. Some sample sets are packaged in several separate files. Do not rename or unpack the downloaded file or files.

2. In HW use the installer system to install the organ from the downloaded files.
For each downloaded file use File | Install organ or temperament. And select the downloaded file. HW will process the downloaded file and will display a screen listing the components found; press the install button on the bottom right of this window and HW will store the components of the organ in the correct parts of the system.
Some sample set suppliers ask you to agree to their terms as a part of this installation.

3. Once all the components are installed, you load the organ (Organ | load organ , select the instrument from the list presented).
The first time you load the organ you can specify various parameters to be used (per rank). HW loads the various components according to the parameters selected, saves a copy of the configured instrument to enable faster subsequent loading ( it ‘caches’ the instrument) and starts the instrument.

4. You then need to configure the midi input and output for the instrument.


Re: XML parsing error when trying to install Paramount 310

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:46 am
by RagnBone
Thanks for the advice folks, I got my PC back today and tried to install this organ again. Lo and behold, the sample set as downloaded (not modified by me) was visible when I went looking for it in HW. Can't for the life of me think why this wasn't visible before :?:

Installed without issue, and sounding great :) Just need some material to practice with the theatre organ sound!