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Hauptwerk 4 with Sibelius 8 - VST not appearing

Hauptwerk software technical support only. Please make sure you have read the manual, tutorials and FAQ pages before requesting support.

Hauptwerk 4 with Sibelius 8 - VST not appearing

Postby mattkingston » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:11 am

Until recently, I had Hauptwerk 4 working perfectly with Sibelius 8 through the Hauptwerk VST Link (I'd set it up a while ago using Sib 7, and it still worked when I upgraded to Sib 8 six months ago). This week, I upgraded Hauptwerk to v4.2.1, and I also uninstalled Sibelius 7, which for some reason had remained on my computer after the Sib 8 upgrade.

Sibelius is now not finding the Hauptwerk VST in the available devices (I've done a VST re-scan through the Sibelius Audio Engine).

The VST is located in Library > Audio > Plug-ins > VST > HauptwerkVSTLink.VST

Does anyone know if this is the correct location for Sib 8, and if not, any suggestion? I'm running Mac 10.11.4 El Capitan
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