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Clearing LCD label text after unloading an organ...

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Clearing LCD label text after unloading an organ...

Postby kaspencer » Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:16 am

Good morning all.

Two questions/observation for Martin's consideration:

In connection with using Hauptwerk's dynamic Stop Labelling facilities, there appear to be two inconsistencies, one relating to the way in which Hauptwerk clears label text off LCD/OLED stop label devices, and the second to the order in which LCD/OLEDs displays are filled with label text:

FIRST: I have noted that when an organ is unloaded (menu: "Organ -> Unload organ") Hauptwerk seems to clear the labels but, stopping (I think) just after the first unused Hardware ID.
That is, it does not clear all labels if there are any gaps in the hardware IDs. That makes an assumption which I had not expected, and means that almost always, some labels may be left with the text of the previously loaded organ.
I think that it would be wise to have Hauptwerk clear all LCD/OLED devices which have assigned text, including searching beyond any gaps found earlier in the list. This unexpected behaviour makes it unwise to leave gaps in stop buttons where, for example, we wish to physically separate coupler stop buttons from the rest of the stop controls for the division.

SECOND: If an additional entry is inserted (menu: "Organ Settings -> Advanced MIDI ... -> MIDI LCD panels ...") into the left hand pane, where entries already exist, the list is re-sorted into Hardware ID order as one would expect, the next time the dialogue is opened. However, the text sent to the LCD/OLED panels is NOT put out in that sorted order (by Hardware ID), but rather in the order of entry. I feel that this is a little messy: we must either accept panels filling up in an odd-looking order, or we must perform extensive editing of the entire stop list if we make even a minor alteration. I think that they should fill in Hardware ID order.

Are these two "features" ripe for rationalising in the next Hauptwerk release? More and more Hauptwerk users are beginning to use LCD/OLED stop labelling in their consoles nowadays ...

Best wishes,

Kenneth Spencer
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