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WHAT is making my cursor blink and dissappear?

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WHAT is making my cursor blink and dissappear?

Postby ChangedForever » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:02 am

...AND my touch screens are not working??!!? The cursor is blinking so rapidly it just goes into the twilight zone somewhere and is VERY difficult to find OR click on anything!!..

Here's the story to save somebody else from this stupid mistake (why do *** I *** always do the stupid stuff?) About a week ago I started fighting this problem; came up with a few choice words while troubleshooting it too, mind you. While practicing I always lean my cell phone up against one of my touchscreen monitor bezels so I can see it while practicing (in case I get an important text from my son). Works great - don't have to even pick it up - just glance over at it between bars when it vibrates. After about a week of fighting the blinking cursor problem I noticed the cell phone was actually touching the screen - making the cursor blink and keeping me from using either monitor for changing stops!! Removed the cell phone from the screen and problem cleared up IMMEDIATELY! Evidently the phone had slipped off the bezel and started touching the display,,

Just wanted to add this to the forum in case somebody else runs into the same problem. These are the 21" HP Touchscreen monitors
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