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Problem scoping divisional pistons

Hauptwerk software technical support only. Please make sure you have read the manual, tutorials and FAQ pages before requesting support.

Problem scoping divisional pistons

Postby engrssc » Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:26 pm

Following the HW manual - pages102 - 103:

Click on Scope button - It lights
Engage desired stops (all Swell division stops, etc) they are on
Press first scoped piston (A1) for stops, etc, currently turned on (to set it's scope) Nothing happens
(nothing lights up)
Thinking none of the turned on stops have been "saved" as per the scope of Master Scoped Combinations,Yes?
Repeat for each other scoped piston?

Finally Click (turn off Scope button - lower left hand corner of Large Registration page.
What am I missing? Need to engage Setter somewhere in this scenerio? Dunno?

Had no problem setting up Master Generals - they are working as expected. Selected piston lights and
stays on until another piston or GC is pressed.

Going backwards, doing all this in order to control lighted (thumb) pistons - generals and divisionals for
Armley Schulze. Found the native (sample set) combination action works fine except the ODF does not
provide for lighted pistons as the original organ doesn't have lighted pistons so the sample set doesn't
provide for them either. What happens is when pushing a lighted (thumb) piston, it blinks once but sends
the proper MIDI on message. The (pushed) lighted thumb piston doesn't stay lit to show which one is

Heard from David Butcher of Lavender that this "thing" about lighted pistons is not found on European
and many other real pipe organs.

So far the Master Generals do have this feature and I'm told the Master Scoped Combinations do also.

BTW, in order to see and access all 60 large Master scoped combination buttons (control panel), you can
see and access them when on the Large Floating controls for this organ | Registration - you click on Master Scoped Combinations (all) which is in the middle of the Registration - Large Floating Panel. Right below
that entry is the Master Scoped Reversible (all) panel.

So I need to be able to set the scope of divisionals. In exploring and following literally the HW manual,
I found after setting the scope (sort of) of (for example) A1 and pushing GC. When I push Scope again and for A2, then turn on all Swell stops, A1 now turns on and would become a part of the scope for A2. If you
don'tl get all that, don't worry. It's probably as a result of my doing something or doing something wrong. Don't
recall having this issue on previous lighted thumb pistons installs. :?


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Re: Problem scoping divisional pistons

Postby josq » Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:21 pm

Yes, you need to use the setter.
Suppose I want to create divisionals for the Great. And suppose that one of these divisionals switches the Principals on the Great on (and the other stops on the Great off). The stops on the other divisions should not be impacted.

Then follow these steps:

1) Switch all stops on the Great division on. All other stops should be off! Activate the "scope" button
2) Press all the scoped pistons (e.g. A1, A2, etc) that should operate as divisionals for the Great.
3) Deactivate the "scope" button
4) Switch the Principal stops on (and all the other Great stops off). Activate the setter button
5) Press the scoped piston that you want to use as the divisional for the Principal registration
6) Select different stops and repeat step 5 for the other divisionals that you want to program for the Great
7) Deactivate the setter button
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Re: Problem scoping divisional pistons

Postby engrssc » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:18 pm

Thanks. Missed that on page 104. :)

Found an additional issue, a faulty recently new Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

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