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Since update of Windows 10 HW won't unload organs

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Since update of Windows 10 HW won't unload organs

PostSat Apr 13, 2019 8:42 am


Last week I updated my Windows 10 and now I'm experiencing the following.
Loading an organ and playing works fine but unloading doesn't work anymore. The program freezes. Then I have to stop it forced and afterward start it again an everything is working fine.

Last shut down of HW I opened Windows Taskmanager and went to the memory usage (timeline) tab. There I saw that the memory was very slowly emptied, I waited for about 5 minutes I think and the HW quit as it should quit. So The difference is that it takes much longer than before the Windows update.

I'm using HW version advanced and Windows 10 Home version 1803 with an Intel i7-3820 CPU. Memory is 64 GB (Kingston).

Is there any explanation for this and of course a solution?

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Re: Since update of Windows 10 HW won't unload organs

PostSun Apr 14, 2019 8:00 am

Hi Paul

I am running HW on Windows 10 and have recently noticed a similar problem but only with organs that use a lot of memory.

I put it down to Windows expecting programs to unload in less than a second or so and when a program, like HW, takes longer Windows thinks the program has crashed and says it is not responding.

One cure is to use the task manager to force closure, but I have found that it does eventually close after a while without doing anything.

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Re: Since update of Windows 10 HW won't unload organs

PostSun Apr 14, 2019 10:12 am

This is a Windows 10 memory management problem. There have been fixes from MS to Windows 10 which reduce the impact of this "change" in behavior -however the matter may have been broken again by MS.

Check that you have updated your Windows 10 system.

(there are discussions on the forum about this....


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