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Audio Channel Routing, deep into Windows...

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Audio Channel Routing, deep into Windows...

PostFri Oct 11, 2019 4:14 pm

Hello all, and happy Autumn to those of you in the northern parts of the globe!

My colleague Annette has HW Advanced with several different sample sets onboard. A Roland Octa-Capture processes the sound into separate speakers.

Many moons ago when we first built the organ, we successfully fed the Octa-Capture into the audio input on Zoom so that Annette could cleanly broadcast her playing to people located remotely. This was working fine until the installation of Reaper (convolution reverb software), which kind of got in the way of lots of things. So Reaper's VST links were completely disabled into HW, and while it is installed on the PC, it isn't interacting with HW.

The two current problems, which we believe are related:
1. When switching between organs, HW shows an error: "Octa-Capture 5-6 is already in use." Sometimes it will say Octa-Capture 7-8 instead.
2. We are no longer able to get HW to be the audio input into Zoom, even when system settings and Zoom all agree that Octa-Capture is the input.

We feel that solving #1 will also help resolve #2. Previously to help remedy this, we reinstalled HW from the ground up, and set up audio channels anew, going through all the motions. Same problem. We're out of ideas. Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Audio Channel Routing, deep into Windows...

PostFri Oct 11, 2019 6:10 pm

Did you leave Reaper installed (but not being used) when you re-installed Hauptwerk?


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